Welcome to Zee Bra!®

Sensuous bras for smaller busts

Thank you for interest in the Zee Bra!® I'm so excited to share my story with you on how Zee Bra! came to be. Making this bra for us smaller busted gals is my passion and a dream come true!

As an adult, I have never been satisfied with the selection of bras for my size bust because they are so uncomfortable and they never fit me! Too tight, too big, too much padding, not very sexy, little girlish....just all wrong. What I found out along the way is that bras in the market place are first designed for the 'average size woman', which is size 36C. For the 36C bra, this means it has tight elastic banding around the rib cage, underwires, hook and eye adjusters, or a combination of these. The other bra sizes are then 'downsized' to fit the rest of us. As a 36A woman, I need a bra designed for me, not one designed for someone who is a 36C!

One day, I was out to lunch with Beth, a close friend 'of smaller bust', and we started talking about the lack of comfortable bras for our fine feminine figures. Neither of us had ever found one we loved. I remember saying to her " How hard can it be to design a comfortable bra?"

Little did I know! By day I practiced landscape architecture, raised my daughter, and in my free time, I worked on Zee Bra! After 8 years, 6 different seamstresses, lots of encouragement and help from my friends, family, and my one fabulous consultant, Zee Bra! was born.

What makes it exceptional, unique, and different from all the other bras for smaller busts? It is very, very comfortable!!! Why? Because of the following:

The Fabric: It is made up of one fabric which moves and breathes with you. It is like second skin! The fabric is an exquisite nylon blended with just the right amount of spandex for a secure fit

The Padding: The optional, adjustable padding gives a woman the flexibility to add more or less enhancement (and is helpful for some women that are larger on one side).

The Construction: There are no hooks, wires, or elastic banding used in Zee Bras! Why? Because for the smaller busted gal, we are not dealing with zee gravity issues that larger busted women have so there's no need for all of those extra extras to hold everything in place.

The Design: The Zee Bra! was designed to be sexy and stylish with features just for smaller ladies.

Zee Bra! comes in black, dark tan, and white in sizes 30, 32, 34, and 36 AA-A. We plan to add a variety of different colors to our line very soon!

I would love to hear from you about what you like, love, or would change about Zee Bra! Please email me at lynn@thezeebra.com.

Thank you again for being a Zee Bra! customer... I hope you enjoy your Zee Bra! every day. Please tell all your friends and family about the Zee Bra!!!

Lynn Saussy
Zee Bra! Founder and President